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Sustainable children's clothing - LMN3

Introducing LMN3 | Sustainable clothing for kids

We are LMN3, the feel-good kids brand. Our name is inspired by a take on the word 'Elementary', because our products are modern, high-quality essentials that are designed to last. We create ethically made clothing and swimwear for kids aged 2-12, and can't wait to show you our debut collection of beautiful, practical and sustainable pieces. Here, find out more about our story.

Ethically-made, fair fashion


We believe you should be able to dress your kids in a way that aligns with your values. Dressing your kids can be expensive and time-consuming as they grow, so that's why our products are made to last. Each piece is built to withstand and work alongside their active lifestyle, designed to be passed down when they're outgrown.

The fashion industry - which includes children's clothing - is known for it's mistreatment of the natural environment and exploitation of workers. That's why we didn't want to add to the problem, but instead be part of the solution. In our collections, we use
 only low-impact materials, made from recycled, organic and natural fibres. Some examples you'll see are: organic cotton, linen, lyocell, recycled polyester and regenerated nylon.

We have also banished all nasty chemicals from our process so the textiles are kind to your little one's skin. At LMN3, you'll find zero 
pesticides, toxic dyes or hazardous substances - this is better for your kids and better for the water and soil.

All of our products are designed by us in Vienna, including our original prints. Then, each batch is ethically made in Portugal in a GOTS and SMETA certified factory, so you can be sure that the people making your kids' clothes are treated with respect and paid a fair wage in a safe and healthy working environment.

We're also passionate about building slower, more conscious consumption habits, so we have just 
one core collection which evolves organically, avoiding overproduction and waste and encouraging thoughtful, intentional purchasing.


Spring/Summer collection '21


Launching soon, our first capsule collection of sustainable childrenswear is inspired by optimism. We know times are tough, and that's why we decided to inject a spirit of fun and freedom into every design with a soft, cheerful colour palette and painterly prints. The range is inspired by origami, with modern pleats, flares and folds for everyday comfort that moves with your child, not against them. The geometric shapes, sharp lines and flowing circles create a functional and fun vibe with an artistic edge - because why should kid's clothing be boring?

We will never claim to be 100% sustainable, because we know sustainability is a journey, and a learning process for us and for you. Instead, we make a pledge to take responsibility for our social and environmental footprint, always striving for more inclusivity and impact. Sustainable fashion means so much more than just using eco-friendly materials - it’s stitched into the DNA of our entire brand, and we endeavour to help you navigate the landscape alongside us.

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