LMN 3 Questions With | Katie Kendrick

LMN 3 Questions With | Katie Kendrick

Katie Kendrick, Head of Content & Partnerships at Lolie and blog editor at Pirouette blog is a mother and business owner who loves to talk and write a lot about the kid’s fashion industry.

Katie lives in Scotland with her husband and two daughters, Lulu and Hattie and believes in leaving the world in a better state for her children.

We sat down with Katie to discuss her new European platform for kids’ fashion and lifestyle, Lolie and how she finds balancing business with motherhood.


What does motherhood/sustainability mean to you? 

Motherhood means everything to me. I can’t remember a ‘me’ really prior to the girls. They are with me in my thoughts, heart and soul 24hrs a day. 

But I would stress that Motherhood is not all sun filters & skipping. Parenting has a way of throwing curveballs at you as well as giving you those special memories. I feel it’s important to keep motherhood REAL.

Sustainability is incredibly important to me. In my work life I love highlighting the brands or designers that are going to great length to improve upon production and the supply chain. In this market sustainability is no longer a brand’s USP. Improving sustainability is a responsibility and a key consideration for every kid’s fashion business/ brand and should reflect how we want to leave the world in a good state for our children.


Why did you start your business? 

I’ve being working in Kid’s fashion and design for longer than I would care to admit accumulating many different hats over the years…. from designing clothes and knitwear to packaging, writing press releases, articles, reports, curating exhibitions, running shoots, video work and consultancy. I truly love the magical world of kids’ fashion and design.

I’m currently working on a very exciting project - a new European platform for kids’ fashion and lifestyle called Lolie. 

Lolie is going to be an irresistible blend of content that is fun, serious & most importantly it’s going to be compelling and shoppable... A shopping experience that helps parents discover the brands that they will love.

Look out for the launch in the new year!


Can you recall the most precious moment spent with your children?

With Lulu (my eldest) it was probably when I first held her - I just fell in love!

We very nearly lost Hattie when she was three to a terrible illness - HUS which is a complication of e-coli. The worst couple of weeks in my life turned into the best when the Doctor said she had turned the corner and was out of danger.

It was my birthday, the best birthday present I’ve ever had and will ever receive.  

I love it when they dance, or act, sing and tell jokes. Sometimes all at once. Both of the girls are born performers and they always have my husband and I in stitches!

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