Our Story: Meet The Founder

Our Story: Meet The Founder

Meet Natasha

I started LMN3 during the first lockdown in April. Of course the idea was there for more than a year, but it took a long time to do the research and find the right manufacturers/suppliers who would understand what I am trying to achieve. I didn’t want to create just another brand, but one with purpose and responsibility.

As a mother, I find it even more compelling to address the issues that have
plagued the fashion sector, such as fast fashion, and be a good role model to my girls.

"Sustainability is the only way to go forward. We know how polluting this industry is! There is no tomorrow we must act now! Collectively we have the responsibility to give our children future."


Have you always had a love for clothing design?

I have been designing clothes for children for the past 6 years. I always loved design, not necessarily clothing design but product design, interiors and architecture. I originally studied philosophy of education but somehow through modelling, fashion events and becoming a mother of twin daughters, I 'fell' into designing collections for children. I wanted to tell stories through clothing.


What advice would you give to parents starting out their slow fashion journey with kids clothes?

Buy responsibly, ask questions, get to know the brands you are buying from and see how transparent about their production processes they are.



Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

It can be anything. Books, magazines, a photograph, watching a movie. I always carry my notebook and my camera with me and love making journals.


Being such a broad topic, what is your definition of ethical fashion?

For me, ethical fashion means responsibly producing collections while taking care of our environment and the people that manufacture it. Transparency is at the base of any ethical fashion brand.


What made you start LMNthree?

I wanted to start a brand that is structured properly from the ground up, putting the sustainability at the core. Once the foundations are right, you can only build better things on top.


What are you goals for LMNthree?

I would like to see LMN3 expanding further into different categories, grown-up fashion, home etc. All produced ethically of course.


What is your favourite piece of the collection?

It's hard to say but I love the entire SS21 collection (our debut collection), as it was made with such enthusiasm from the whole team despite it being designed and manufactured during the pandemic!


Find out more about our sustainable ethos here.