Top 5 Must Watch Documentaries On Sustainability

Top 5 Must Watch Documentaries On Sustainability

Learn about our planet and how to adopt positive habits to ensure a brighter future all whilst sitting on the sofa - sounds pretty good right!?

At LMNthree, documentaries are our favourite way to soak up information. Why? Well, they’re great conversation starters and deliver a huge amount of information in a short space of time - plus they’re an entertaining platform of education which is a bonus.

Whether you want to help shape the world or simply educate yourself a little further on being more green, we have compiled a list of our top 5 must watch documentaries on sustainability.




Directed by a young British filmmaker, Seaspiracy delves into the impact humans are having on marine life and informs on what we can do to help reverse these issues. From carrying out local beach cleans to opening his eyes to the horrors of the fishing industry, the documentary maker takes a world-round trip to get to the bottom of the lesser known issues affecting the ocean.

Who for: Teens and adults

Why it’s important: The issues explored have not been covered by mainstream media and should be acknowledged.

Why recommend: It is such an interesting watch. The filmmaker is so naive to the problems that he is uncovering, that you feel as though you are embarking on the journey with him.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

I don’t think we really have to say much on this one, because who doesn’t love David Attenborough. But we had to include it as A Life On Our Planet is such a fundamental watch for future generations. In short, the film is a "witness statement" whereby Attenborough shares his concerns for the current state of the planet.

Who for: Teens 

Why it’s important: In his 90 something years, David Attenborough has seen an awful lot and so hearing first hand what he has experienced and how he suggests we start making a difference should be heard by as many people as possible.

Why recommend: It is an honest and revealing message for future generations.

Down To Earth With Zac Efron

In this docu-series, filmstar Zac Efron travels across the world in search of healthier ways of living, both for us and for the planet. Travelling to a number of destinations, he delves into different communities and their methods of sustaining our planet.

Who for: Teens 

Why it’s important: It is a very down-to-earth account of how we can do our bit to save the planet.

Why recommend: The show is filled with essential information and great knowledge.


Tomorrow is a documentary roundup of can-do solutions to avoid human extinction. The filmmakers focus on activism around the world and what activists, organisers and everyday citizens are trying to make the world a better.

Who for: Adults

Why it’s important: It focuses on solutions rather than the problems.

Why recommend: Being exposed to how people all over the world do their bit is so inspiring to watch.

Stacey Dooley Investigates, Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

As she delves into our appetite for fast-fashion, Journalist Stacey Dooley uncovers the shocking environmental impact of consumerism.

Who for: Teens and adults

Why it’s important: The shocking discoveries will make you think twice about what you buy.

Why recommend: Stacey really simplifies the issues at hand, making it a really easy watch.


What are you waiting for, time to pick up your remote control and start watching! If you found value in any of these recommendations, let us know, give us a tag on socials and most importantly, spread the word and share your new-found knowledge.