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Sustainable and Organic Fashion Brand

Lmn3 / Elementary is created more as a feeling, as a reaction to the state of the fashion and the impact it has on the environment, rather than wanting to create yet another brand. It is personal to us and we wanted it to be about that choice.

A conscious one.

We make modern high quality essentials for kids aged 2-12 years.

Our mission is to produce enduring and high-quality essentials for kids, whilst protecting the environment using low-impact materials.

All of our fabrics are chosen with intent.

We use recycled, organic and natural fibres that include Cotton, Linen, Tencel-Lyocell.

All of our swimsuits are made from recycled Polyester.


Our collections and prints are designed exclusively in our studio based in Vienna and are produced in a SMETA and GOTS certified factory in Portugal covering all aspects of responsible business practice.

We are a slow fashion and lifestyle brand meaning we have one collection which evolves organically. We make products that feel good and look good.

Sustainability is an ongoing journey. It is a commitment to learn and further educate ourselves about decisions we make every day in our life and in our business.

And lastly, we don’t believe to have found all the answers, but at least we are making sure to be on the right path, a path to peacefully co-exist with nature.