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LMN3 Sustainable fashion



I started LMN3 during the Covid pandemic and first lockdown in April of 2020. Of course the idea was there for more than a year, but it took a long time to carry out the research and find the right manufacturers/suppliers who would understand what I am trying to achieve. I didn’t want to create just another brand, but one with purpose and responsibility, a brand that is structured properly from the ground up, placing sustainability at the core.

As a mother, I find it even more compelling to address the issues that have
plagued the fashion sector (such as fast fashion) and to be a good role model to my girls.

Sustainability is the only way to go forward. We know how polluting this industry is. There is no tomorrow and we must act now. Collectively we have the responsibility to give our children a future.


Natasha Milkovich

Founder and Creative Director